Barack Obama Presidential Seal Hype: The Obama Effect


:: Cast : Jim Geraghty

Jim Geraghty is a contributing editor to National Review. He writes the Campaign Spot blog on the Web magazine National Review Online.

Best Life magazine called Jim one of "the 10 most important voices to listen to this election cycle," and his blog was awarded for having the "Best Political Dirt" by in 2004. The London Times praised his "killer insight" in that election cycle. His columns also have appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Times, Washington Examiner and New York Sun.

His first book, "Voting to Kill," a look at how the 9/11 attacks affected American voters, was published by Simon and Schuster in August 2006. He appears regularly on CNN, Fox News, the CBS Evening News and has appeared on PBS Newshour and ITN in London, as well as numerous radio programs.

He spent two years in Ankara, Turkey working as a foreign correspondent and studying Islam, anti-Americanism, democratization, Middle East politics, and U.S. diplomacy efforts. In his career, he has also reported from Egypt, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Jordan.

Jim was among the bloggers who skeptically questioned Dan Rather's reporting of a memo that claimed to criticize President Bush's military record; CBS was forced to ultimately admit that they could not verify the origin of the memo, which did not appear to be a product of the technology available in 1972. After a network official dismissed the criticism as coming from "a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas," Jim coined the phrase "pajamahadeen" to describe his fellow skeptics. The American Dialect Society declared the term the "most creative" new word of 2004.

A former reporter at States News Service, Geraghty's reporting appeared in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Denver Post, Detroit Free Press, Bergen Record, and scores of other papers. Earlier in his career, he reported for the Dallas Morning News, Congressional Quarterly, and the now-departed web sites and