Barack Obama Presidential Seal Hype: The Obama Effect

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Politico - 6/20/08
We spent 18 months and millions of dollars making 'Hillary The Movie,'" laments David Bossie, head of Citizens United and a longtime Clinton tormentor. We're incredibly proud, but the problem is the film has no relevance anymore. Bossie is now rushing out an Obama movie for later this summer that he promises will include Wright and other controversial figures from the Democrat's past.

Bloomberg - 6/20/08
'Swift Boat'-Like Groups May Bloom After Obama Finance Decision
"One group seeking to benefit from Obama's decision is Citizens United, headed by former congressional staff member David Bossie. It is preparing a documentary critical of Obama. Bossie worked for the House and Senate committees that investigated President Bill Clinton. "'I'm spending millions of dollars to inform and educate the American people on who Barack Obama is,' Bossie said. 'I am hopeful that conservative donors across the country will see what we are doing and want to participate.'"

Chicago Tribune - 6/12/08
"Whispers get loud around Michelle Obama"
"As complaints about the 'pride' remarks picked up steam, Barack Obama said he thought people should 'lay off.' Asked to respond to unsubstantiated allegations about his wife on the Internet, the candidate argued that raising the question arguably 'gives legs' to the story. "But some conservatives say people have a right to ask. "'She's a Harvard Law graduate. She's a very savvy, incredibly educated, capable woman,' said David Bossie, president of Citizens United, a conservative advocacy group.

"'She can stand on her own, and that's why they have her out there speaking,' Bossie said. 'If she was just sitting back not being involved, she wouldn't get scrutiny.'

"Much of her press coverage has been adoring. She has been featured on magazine covers, often flashing her high-wattage smile, with stories that remark on her natural way with crowds both large and small."

LA Times - 6/12/08

Obama's critics debate the way to treat a lady

Indeed, in a Washington, D.C., studio, a conservative outfit called Citizens United is scrambling to finish a 90-minute anti-Obama documentary. According to its president, David Bossie, the film will probably include the Michelle Obama"proud of my country" clip. Bossie, a longtime Republican operative, bridled at the charge that singling her out is uncivil. "Nobody's picking on her; nobody's being unfair to her," he said. "She needs to be mindful that those types of statements will be used against her husband."

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Newsweek - 4/21/08
Obama: Can't 'Swift Boat' Me
Bossie says he is assembling material for TV spots about Obama's ties with Ayers, a Chicago professor and unrepentant former member of the Weather Underground, a group that bombed several government buildings to protest the Vietnam War.